The BRANDisam pyramid

According to BRANDisam, every trade name goes through 5 stages before establishing as a brand. We call it “The BRANDisam pyramid”.

Stage 1

Foundation Phase​

Creating a unique identity for the rest of the business’s life is the first stage in BRANDisam pyramid. Unique identity should be created by keenly observing the market and customers. ‘Make it once and keep it always’ is the central rule of the foundation stage. 


Stage 2

Visible stage

The identity is meant to be registered in the mind of customers. To get registered, it must be shown to them in the appropriate channel, in appropriate time and in appropriate quantity. This should be done after observing the market, customer’s demography and competitor’s strategy.


Stage 3

Register stage

The result from the visible stage will get reflected in the register stage. People will identify a product when they see, feel and use it regularly. The distance from visible stage and register stage depends on how effectively we use the marketing tools. 


Stage 4

Trust stage

It is the most crucial stage in the brandisam pyramid. People identify products when we regularly bring attention through different strategies. But to turn it into a brand, people should feel a trust in it. It is a time consuming process where we need to continuously touch the emotions of customers like, love, care, premium, safe and genuine.


Stage 5

Leverage stage

Here in this stage, the name works 24*7 without anyone’s interference. It will leverage itself and become a brand