• Welcome to BRANDisam

    Let's BUILD a BRAND

    Let’s start a journey to equip yourself to be an efficient entrepreneur and build the foundation of your future brand. 

  • How's your brand feels in the mind


    What others see, What others capture & What other experience does make a brand.

  • The core of brand lies on it's strategy


    What we build behind the wall makes who we are, and reflects how we are.

  • Equipping top, middle and lower level management.

    Organisation Development (OD)

    A brand happens when the organisation culture is implemented & followed up  in all the levels of management.  

  • Professionals in serving

    Legal Services
    for business

    From intellectual property registration to foreign company registration are under the umbrella of BRANDisam.

  • Learn while you drive


    Listen to the educational content for entrepreneurs on business development, marketing, sales & many more. 

  • Learning is a never ending process, especially for entrepreneurs


    Learn a wide range of practical knowledge from expert mentors and earn certificates from BRANDisam Academy. 

    What is BRANDisam
    Brandisam is not just a company, it is an art and psychology behind the transformation of trade name to a brand name.

    What is a brand?

    According to BRANDisam, a brand is the trust about a product built in the mind of consumers.

    Why Branding?

    According to BRANDisam, Brand works 24*7. Brand enjoys leverage without much internal force applied.

    How Branding?

    According to BRANDisam, every trade name goes through 5 stages before establishing as a brand. We call it "The BRANDisam pyramid".
    Brand Identity
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Content
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    Equipping Entrepreneurs

    Training Program (Online and Offline)

    Helping organizations to move forward by empowering human potential.

    Our Online & Offline Programmes

    We provide exclusive business enhancement programme for the major decision-makers and other personnel in an organisation.

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    Trusted by Hundreds of Entrepreneurs


    “Team BRANDisam by far the best in the branding category. It was a privilege to get them do my work. An enthusiastic team with vivid imaginations and superb executing skills. Thank you BRANDisam for the wonderful work you did for IVORY BEADS.”


    “It was a wonderful experience having to come across BRANDisam and the work done speaks about the quality and dedication.”

    Thank you so much..”

    SAHEER E., Arboq
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    Jonathan Doe
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    Mike Edward
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